Protect your home from termites and other pests 

Termite Protection

It's not a matter of if, but when.

Your home is a big investment. Don't leave it unprotected from the destruction of termites!

In most cases your home owners insurance policy will not cover you from termite damage. This is important especially since they cause more than $5 billion in damages to US homes per year.

Do termites really cause that much damage??

Termites cause millions and millions of dollars in damage to homes each year. In most cases, this damage is NOT covered by homeowners insurance. That’s why it’s critical to treat and prevent termites, as well as have a warranty to cover any future damage. Termites cause more damage each year than fires and flood combined. Clearly if it were possible to “treat” a home to completely prevent damage from fire and floods we would all have it done... pronto!

No matter how your home is constructed, where it’s located, or how old it is, it could be attacked by subterranean termites. They are among the most destructive organisms on the planet. They are a threat across 70 percent of the world and in every part of the United States except Alaska. Termites cause $2-3 billion worth of damage each year in the US alone. They are, in fact, the most serious threat your home may face.

Why choose between liquid or baits??

If you want the best termite protection around, choose our combination approach of Termidor and Advance Termite Baiting System.

Termidor eliminates all possible infestations in the home

Advance Termite Baiting System destroys colonies before they find your home

Get the best termite protection for your home!

We want to provide you with a termite protection plan that’s best suited for your home and budget. Many pest control companies have bias regarding what kind of protection is superior and why it’s best to use one over the other. Truth is, bait stations and liquid treatments are both very effective in different ways. 

Baiting systems are designed to eliminate termite colonies around the home to prevent infestation. Liquid treatments are applied to the foundation of a home and eliminates possible termite colonies already consuming your house. Each treatment type can be used by itself and may prove adequate. However, by combining the attributes of both, your home will have the best protection available against termites.

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